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Dec 15, 2010 / offbyamile

Peter Parker/Spider-Man Gag Redux

Vote for a favorite caption or suggest your own. The original, above, is assigned the number 1.

2. It finally dawned upon Mary Jane why there were never any insects in Peter’s apartment. 

3. Mary Jane made the horrific discovery that, when it came to eating, Peter did “whatever a spider can.” 

4. A breakup was inevitable when Mary Jane discovered the real reason she’d never seen any bugs in Peter’s apartment. 

5. When it came to her bug collection, her teacher wouldn’t accept the excuse that her boyfriend ate it. 

6. After failing science class twice because her bug collections went missing, Mary Jane decided it was time to break up with Peter. 

7. Mary Jane broke up with Peter when she discovered what he’d done to her bug collection. 

8. The Parkers’ relationship ended after Mary Jane left Peter alone with her bug collection. 

9. Peter had finally given in to temptation and eaten Mary Jane’s butterfly collection. 

10. Spiders were creepy enough, but it was the last straw when Peter ate Mary Jane’s bug collection. 

11. After getting a “F” on her science project, Mary Jane found the pins for her bug collection in Peter’s trash. 

12. When her science teacher pointed out that all her specimens were cheap plastic look-alikes, Mary Jane realized the horrible truth of what had happened to her bug collection. 

13. Mary Jane regretted not fixing Peter a snack before leaving him alone with her science project, a massive bug collection. 

14. Until the day she left him alone with her bug collection, Mary Jane couldn’t figure out why Peter never seemed to be hungry. 

15. It finally dawned on Mary Jane that “does whatever a spider can” included eating bugs.



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  1. Karl Koberger / Dec 15 2010 8:42 pm

    Too many choices…too little time!

    I like #2

  2. Louis Munsch / Dec 15 2010 9:08 pm

    Great spiderman story,,,very interesting…Louie

  3. GuessWho / Dec 16 2010 10:19 am

    #5 and #13

  4. Joe Bergeron / Dec 16 2010 8:13 pm

    number 11 is my favorite.

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