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Dec 19, 2010 / offbyamile

Off by a Mile Goes Spanish!

The Spanish-language website picked up a story about Off by a Mile from the Internet and reworked it, converting one of the strips into Spanish. They translated the strip “First Time for Everything,” below, as follows:


Tras el primer huevo de Sally llegó su primera llamada al 112: «Sí, sí: blanco, ovalado, suave… ¡Gracias a Dios, ¿así que dice que es totalmente natural?! ¡Uf, gracias!… ¿Cómo? ¿Que vendrán más?».

Three things I’ve learned from this:

(1) The emergency number 911 is not universal (it’s 112 in this case).

(2) “Whew” is translated “Uf.”

(3) A gag about a chicken talking worriedly on the phone about her first egg can work in another language.

The full article is at



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  1. Español / Dec 20 2010 1:59 am

    Actually, 112 is the emergency number for all 27 countries of the European Union.

    Great blog, BTW

  2. offbyamile / Dec 21 2010 3:41 pm

    Thank you.

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