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Feb 28, 2016 / offbyamile

Bearly Funny


Feb 27, 2016 / offbyamile



Feb 28, 2011 / offbyamile

Cracking Up

Feb 20, 2011 / offbyamile

Mr. Taxman, Bring Me No Dream

A nightmare, really.

Feb 14, 2011 / offbyamile

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Feb 4, 2011 / offbyamile

Blogger’s Choice Awards

If you think this site may be deserving, please consider voting for “Off by a Mile” in the category of “Humor,” “Pop Culture” and/or “Best Blog of All Time” (bit of a stretch) at

Feb 3, 2011 / offbyamile

A Beastly Little Number

(One has to feel at least a little sorry for the poor composer whose song gets assigned that number in the hymnal.)

Jan 30, 2011 / offbyamile

Happy 70th Birthday, Dad!

Based on actual events.

Jan 23, 2011 / offbyamile

Would You Like To Play a Game?

(If this makes zero sense to you, you’ve not been properly acquainted with “Angry Birds,” the ubiquitous cellphone game. There’s also a movie reference in the headline.)

Jan 13, 2011 / offbyamile

Bad Timing

Jan 8, 2011 / offbyamile

Zoom with a View

Jan 4, 2011 / offbyamile

1987 Called…

On the website Comics I Don’t Understand, this strip would get the tag, “Hey, Geezers! Comics!” Also, you gotta love the word “consternation.”

Jan 1, 2011 / offbyamile

Not Fun-ions

Dec 28, 2010 / offbyamile

In the Thick of Things


Dec 25, 2010 / offbyamile

Peas on Earth

Some may quake at the sight.

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